friday, april 7th 2023

it's day one!!!!!!!!!!!

i feel like i should have started writing in here the first day i started this website. so that day one would actually be day one. but alas!! things have been crazy lately!! and i haven't had much time to do much of anything until today!! so here i am. twoish days later.

not sure how i want to format these things going forward.. i'm guessing.. hoping!! that they won't be as long and convoluted as this entry will probably be. but i figured since today is the First Day, i should explain a bit more about this site and how it came about. without testing the limits of the summary and details elements in firefox. and whatever archaic and/or niche browsers people like to use. sorry if i have crashed ur tab!! my tab has also been Crashing!! i am also a firefox user!! we are in this together!!

essentially.. if u have not tried to click ur way thru the little website home page explainer already.. or gave up halfway. which i don’t blame u for!! the idea for the name came from the fact that i used to dislike.. even harbour hatred towards.. tomatoes.

and before u get it twisted. i just mean tomatoes in their purest form. so to speak. like.. not sauce or soup or anything like that. which i know is still the most juvenile thing ever but!! let me live!!

anyways!! as of late.. i have really started to appreciate tomatoes. you could even go as far to say i like them now!!!! (only thing i still cannot stand for are grape tomatoes. u would think i would like them because. grape?? tomato?? but they are little lying lie-filled liars)

this recent revelation got me thinking.. maybe i should revisit my little aversion to what folks call Real Coding. their words, not mine!!!! but i’ve always been really interested in making fun things on the internet. and this feeling has been at its peak lately. like bubbling inside my chest and on my mind constantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so what if.. i learned to like coding. even with all the trouble and strife it might bring me. because the end product.. having something that i can look at and be happy with.. is kind of worth it all!!

maybe tomatoes are to tomato-based products as code is to fun sites. like.. maybe somewhere along the way i will really learn to appreciate what they are at their core. even if it is me stockholm syndrome-ing myself.

did not think the whole tomato analogy through. and it is so bad. but i hope u can see where i’m coming from. and ignore how bad the analogy is. did i mention it is bad.

ok. now that u kind of get where i’m coming from.!! why am i further publicizing my stupidity for all to see!!

well. first off.. i don’t think many people are going to see this. let’s be Real!! this is just the natural progression of me pretending to be a youtuber and narrating my morning routine in the mirror when i was a kid.

but more importantly. i have been telling some cool pals?? peers?? people i really admire?? (andy!! kristoffer!! matt!! mehdi!! weiwei!!) that i've wanted to learn coding for the longest time. and have done absolutely nothing about it. despite knowing that there would be so much more i could do!! if i wasn't limited to a rudimentary understanding of html/css (and repurposing w3school tutorials!!)

so in many ways, this is a way for me to be more accountable to myself. i can document my progress and maybe even share it with a few friends at some point!! just by messaging them a link!!

also. i just like making sites. cannot adequately articulate it. but they just make me feel motivated to Do More!! and so that just makes the whole “learning” part a bit more fun. and hopefully more sustainable, too. sillymaxxing my way into technical competency!!