sunday, april 23rd 2023

it’s day ten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kristoffer.. if u r reading this.. thank u again for the feature…. i am honoured……

and if u came from this week's naive weekly………….. the lovely little description he wrote might have catfished u a bit. for that. and everything else u have/will read.. i am sorry!!!!!

anyways. i realized today the main thing that i’ve been annoyed about is when it comes to my self imposed freecodecamp course runthrough is how specific i need to be with anything i do. like.. down to the capitalization of a word in a paragraph element.

i have long held the belief that the only things i would willingly use the shift key for would be exclamation marks, parentheses, and the occasional Title Capitalization in sentences for Extra Fun. and then later on when i discovered the cool world of coding.. i would add the < and > signs and “” and whatnot to the repertoire. but now i am abandoning my values.. being a yes man.. writing things with proper capitalization.. all for the sweet sweet instant gratification i get from passing an exercise!!

more importantly, however.. i have realized that complaining about this is not productive. AND as an added bonus.. i am finally getting some muscular definition in my left pinky. so maybe this counts as a win if u ask me. onwards!!

today’s module was centred around accessibility.. which i honestly still feel like i don’t know enough about. but here are some new things i learned:

but first.. completed module screenshot for posterity.. blood no longer boiling.. simply at body temperature

that’s all 4 today!! really want to start on a new project soon. and utilize my newly attained knowledge of flexbox!! yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!