monday, april 24th 2023

it’s day eleven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

today was kind of hashtag crazy for me… not going to get Into It because i am already prone to oversharing on the internet and it’s actually not that deep and i promise i’m not trying to sound cryptic or anything but!! have so much time on my hands now. or at least in theory!!!!!!

with that being said, did not have as much time as i wanted to today to do fun little coding things. what a tongue twister!! sorry for introducing more brain rot into the world. they say that a picture is worth a thousand words.. so u can find the proof below:

my best work yet i think..

yeah.. so basically all i did was this stinky little tribute page certification project or whatever u want to call it. as u can tell.. i really put the effort in!!

this really got me Thinking.. i kind of need to take a breather before i go insane coding whatever genre of whatever this is. freecodecamp has done wonders. or horrors?? to my dopamine receptors. but i think i have found Real Fulfillment in actually making things. so basically.. back to #sillymaxxing!! or just starting on an actual project (like i said in the last entry.. oops) for the next little bit, anyways. still going to go thru these modules because i am Committed. but perhaps more sporadically?? we shall see..