wednesday, april 26th 2023

it’s day thirteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not going to lie.. i did not do much coding today.

for whatever reason, i thought that the best thing i could do with my time today. TIME. a priceless resource. something money can’t buy (for now!!) would be to try to find my old wacom tablet i got in grade 10!!

and so i spent the rest of my day watching random conference talks and scribbling away. emphasis on scribbling, by the way!! most of the time i was literally just doing the thing where u fill up the entire page with a whole colour one pen stroke at a time. also. shoutout to the grade 10 stem teacher who introed us to firealpaca!! i would not know what else to use otherwise..

with all that being said. i did end up doing sometime a little productive. drawing fun little potential cursors for the next iteration of!! think i will implement them tomorrow. so. see you then!!