thursday, april 27th 2023

it’s day fourteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i kind of did some things today.. v2 is coming along nicely.. life is crazy like that..

home!!!!!!!!!!! and sorry for putting correspondance and documentation and whatnot as focus areas.. still don't know what to call them. do u have any other suggestions please n thank u

first off!! homepage!! ended up figuring out what i would like to prioritize in my life right now, which is hopefully kind of reflected in the aforementioned custom cursors i made. and tried to make it kind of like a fun little dressing up gamething for each corresponding category. does that make sense. i hope it does!!

one might say that it's about damn time...... goddddd

next. but certainly not the least. the about page. which was fun and relatively straightforward!! i kind of know how to center a div now without searching it up. i think that’s character DEVelopment. laugh!!

learning!! Learned to kind of use weird gradient hacky things. and about pointer-events. and more things that i can't think of off the top of my head. also f.t. passive aggressive email cta!!

ok. finally. the “learning” page. which took a tragic amount of time. and way longer than it looks like it would. ended up having to use a random codepen i found on the internet (thank you jesse couch!!) for the notebook layout and a w3schools tutorial for the red vertical line to fix this up. and a random stack overflow question to make the links actually clickable. pointer-events: all seemed to work. and i have no idea why. but i am happy. because it works!! and life is good!! notebook = learning!! amazing!!

when i actually understand more coding things i might eventually want to figure out an option of a button that just notifies me via discord or text message or something. don't know how to describe it and/or if it is possible and/or if it already exists but kind of like muan's amazing open heart protocol. but probably more aggressive.

also. if u see that lil streak thing!! it will be manual for now. but would like to eventually figure out some simple fun solution to keep track of my day streak. or at least have a little js day counter in the meantime.