saturday, april 15th 2023

it’s day two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. my secret is out. i am indeed a time traveller!! that is the only reason why a whole week has passed since my first (and only) entry in here. but it has actually only been a day for me. not taking any further questions at this time!!

fine.. u caught me.. so!! i might have kind of sort of maybe lied. when i said i would start my little journey last week. but not intentionally!!!! i thought i would!! in my defense.. there’s a little bit of other personal stuff that i still need to sort out. but almost done!! and should have a lot more time on my hands starting next-ish week.

anyways!! over this past week, i’ve consumed at least 10 tomatoes. probably. i’ve ALSO tried (and failed) to find a good solid starting point and have ultimately come to realize that i’ve forgotten about the sheer number of (free!!!!!!) resources there are out there. which is Good in theory (and in practice) but also.. a little overwhelming??

for context. i am the Annoying sort of person who likes to consider all their options.. read all the reviews, have multiple tabs open, that sort of thing.. so u better believe i had no idea where to start with all these tutorials and courses or whatever. and i still do not right now!!! but i also figured that i’ve probably spent enough time weighing pros and cons by now that i could have spent on.. Actually Learning!!

so!! as of today!! i am deleting most of the ultra-specific checklist items on the checklist page and just adding things as i see fit when they come along. for two reasons. one being that i had no idea what i was writing down there. but the second (and more important) reason being that i need to give myself the freedom to just learn what i want, when i want!! love figuring out that the majority of the problems i have are self-imposed!! also. if u have no idea what i’m talking about when i say “ultra-specific” checklist items i would prefer for it to stay that way. thank u for ur consideration.

ok!! the actual coding bit? funny u should mention that. i’m actually planning on going to bed soon. (convenient!!)

but i have an idea of what i want to do for my first project!! which will be eventually hosted in the kitchen. custom video player!! which i realize is nothing groundbreaking or exciting or new but it does sound fun to make for me and semi-educational (ahhhh i think i’m going to have to use js ahhhhh) and that is really all i need right now.

going to be playing around with the visibility/positioning of controls.. messing with colours and shapes and sizes.. ultimately just customizing the <video> element to make it more fun (and subsequently.. probably unusable!!) i also recently slapped together another dumb little site ( and it made me realize how much i do not know about video players. and how much i want to know about them.

alright!! before i sign off.. wanted to say that i’ve just realized that this is kind of like 100 days of code?? except without the 100 days bit. or, as of today, the coding bit. more thinking about coding than anything. either way, i am kind of slowly metamorphosing into a dev. life is crazy..

p.s. i WILL actually be back this time.. if there is nothing for april 16th by like 11:59pm pst tomorrow and u see this.. email me and i will e-transfer u $10 or something!!!!!