monday, april 17th 2023

it’s day four!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was going to dive into javascript today!! but no.. have since succumb to the tantalizing terrific temptation that is freecodecamp and its structured course format. it is like a mating call. except it is mr. comfort and ms. familiarity beckoning out, chanting my name..

finished the first module!! yippee!!

so i spent all the time i allotted to learning today on reviewing basic html. which was fun!! however. have nothing major to add. that being said.. here’s a brief recap of NEW things i learned today. or things i re-learned that i had forgotten about!!

now for some things i re-learned..

ok. so now i kind of regret not doing this in the privacy of my notes app. and writing these points in sentence form for whatever reason?? but i have made a Commitment!! so if u r seeing this. u will have to live with the fact that i will forever push run-on sentences to the limits and need to write down things in fear that i will someday forget them. as if the internet and search engines don’t exist. but it is kind of nice to have all these things all in one place.

just kidding.. probably going to have to rethink how i format these from now on. at least more “note” heavy fieldnotes. which i guess is the point. but whatever. not kidding about the fact that it is kind of nice to have all this documented here tho!! will reflect on how it affects my digital footprint later on. probably tonight before bed. who knows!!

tomorrow will be css stuff. so hopefully i can finally make the image formatting less janky. we'll see.

ok bye!!