tuesday, april 18th 2023

it’s day five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thought it was wednesday today. and then i thought it was monday. i have no grip on reality!! my concept of time is based entirely on re-entering my password in my password manager every month. and the periodic reminders i get that a domain registration is renewing!!

anyways. did the second module of the freecodecamp course today. aka css basics!! css stands for cool sick stuff by the way.

finished the second module!! yippee!! and sorry for this giant image i wanted to flex soooooo bad. and i still haven't figured out the best way to format images in here yet. oops

here’s some things i learned/re-learned:

so all in all. not a lot!! but it is tuesday (apparently!!) and i have other things to do at the moment!! but yay to more progress!!!!!! i feel like doing this course is like a little game that i get to complete every day. currently just recapping things so maybe that’s why. we’ll see if that feeling sticks when i move onto javascript.. eeek

until next time..