thursday, april 20th 2023

it’s day seven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u get the drill by now.. fourth module!!!

finished the fourth module!! yippee!! still have not been bothered to fix image formatting. oops

not going 2 lie. getting a little sick of the whole course thing right now.. might just watch a video on javascript soon and get on with it.

this is definitely not because one of the exercises had me typing “i like coding on the beach” as a placeholder for a <textarea> element.. hello.. time and place!!!!! like. what kind of sick suggestive messages are they sending to kids now!! say no to the grindset.

all that being said!! (re-)learned about:

like wow.. kind of learned a ton of fun little css tricks today. not that they are groundbreaking or anything. but i was unaware!! and now i see!!

ok bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye