saturday, april 22nd 2023

it’s day nine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more flexbox today!!

wish it was still friday so i could say that it is Flexbox Friday or something like that. i am a sucker for a bit of fun lil alliteration every now and then. but i have already missed my opportunity!!

anyways. used flexbox froggy today because it is cute n fun n i wanted to understand flexbox more

re: more flexbox:

still a lil confusing.. but i get it way more now. and can always google later on if i need to. yippeeeeeeeee

also if u r actually reading my notes expecting something good.. sorry. i am not a teacher or read up on pedagogy or anything like that yet..

now re: the next module on freecodecamp..

known as the typography module?? for whatever reason. more like the ANNOYING module.

this module.... oh my god blood boiling

lowkey i almost wanted to punch my computer like one of those roblox kid rage compilations at some point because of how many stupid span elements i had to create and the dumb little divider and no-divider classes and NUTRITION FACTS.. r u kidding me. if i wanted to look at nutrition facts i would do that. but no i do not want to do that. thank u. i think this module was tailor made to get on my nerves.

but i DID learn!! patience, mostly. and how to spell cholestrol. cholestorol. cholesterol!!

and that is maybe the best lesson i could learn today..

but also:

ok dinner time now!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmm