hey.. shen here..
about to sound so lame here but
i used to be a Tomato Hater
and yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as of late
i've really started to
appreciate?? them??
maybe?? even?? like?? them??
speaking of recent revelations
i think i've also realized
that learning to code
for REAL real
is something i should do
i want to make more
Silly Sites!!
who knows..
maybe i will even start to like coding
and when i say that
i mean stuff beyond basic html + css + vanilla js
(99% of which is likely repurposed from w3schools)
i luv u w3schools!!
so basically what i'm trying to get at is
i want to start supplying myself with the tools i need
(regardless of how much i like them at first)
to do more fun things
and thought i should document it
on another little website..
now u can
start to understand
the scope of my stupidity.
i am excited to see how this website evolves..
i beseech u to lower ur expectations!!!!!!
and i hope u will join me in my journey
as i try to stockholm syndrome myself
into liking more Technical Things
insert something about typescript here..
(HAHA funny!! already turning into one of u guys!!)
and.. more importantly..
to continue trying to sillymax
on the Internet!!