• have been trying to make better sense of my projects recently.. n i have come to the conclusion a lot of the thinking behind them ends up boiling down to. Why Not. Let's Live A Little.
  • but. i also think that it might be kind of fun to conceptualize my silly sites n the tiny threads that connect them into an ecosystem of sorts.. an idea i hope to explore more w/
  • ANYWAYS!! for the time being. this will likely serve as a space for me to braindump the lil ideas floating around my mind that i have yet to fully actualize.. to figure out how the random elements of each site might somehow interact n overlap w/each other.. to explore the why (or lack thereof) behind the things i make.. and to document the ever-incredible work i draw inspiration from n the sources i reference for help..
  • not sure what this will look like yet.. but likely will come in the form of more medium-length conceptual updates w/o much to show for them. like a mix between a to-do list and a changelog and a colophon.. does that make sense?? too bad!! more to come!!!!!!!
  • last updated wednesday, march 27th 2024


  • can’t figure out whether or not i want to make new pages on subdomains. or just pages. u get what i mean. much to consider....