• registered: 07/12/21
  • first version: 01/10/21
  • last version: 03/04/24


  • 03.26.24 [21:17] - ok made it so that it is scrollable horizontally.. alignment of numbers is a bit funky in retrospect so might change that later.. otherwise.. pretty happy w how this lil hacky thing turned out.. and excited to actually put it to use soon!!
  • 03.26.24 [21:17] - not sure if this counts and not sure where i will host similar Log Things in the future when it comes to subpages.. but was (HEAVILY) inspired by paul spehr's site and the idea of recording One Good Thing a day.. made some sort of site to keep em forever.. and would like to eventually host this on methinks..
  • 03.25.24 [17:52] - want to do a major overhaul soon.. been a while!! thinking of just linking to this site n so that they can serve as directories to the rest of my sites. n the rest of the pages linked will be the ones actually hosted on hm..
  • 03.25.24 [17:52] - MAN i really need 2 revamp the css soon.. every time i look at it i have to see how Attrocious it is....


  • look over + edit css